Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Ordering
Gado Gado functions as a Wholesale supplier, the prices given to the customers are WSP prices.
For each Order, a minimum of 300 pieces is required to be accepted as Wholesale Order.
The minimum quantity per color (fabric) and print is 6 pieces.
Mixed styles are possible.
You may also choose from our On-Stock Items (we can provide you with a Stocklist).

After the Order is placed GADO GADO  will provide you with a Pro-forma invoice and ask for a deposit of 50% to be transferred to our Euro or Rupiah account in Bali.
The rest payment plus the cargo costs will be required after completing the order and before shipment. You are welcome to use your own cargo for shipping.
Please provide us with a bank receipt as confirmation of payment and we will be able to prepare your goods.

we recommend using:
www.wise.com as this will keep your transfer cost low!
find the details for www.wise.com on your invoice.


Every production slot starts with confirmation of payment of the deposit.
Any Order will take between a minimum of 2 and 3 months depending on quantity and style and without consideration of public holidays.
All our Garments are handmade, manually printed, and hand-dyed.
This sustainable process takes time and is the core of our quality.
This is why we ask of our clients to plan and prepare their Orders carefully to avoid any hold-ups.

GADO GADO VIENNA has been working with a local Cargo company for over 15 years and we take care of all the documents and papers needed.
We are working with TNT as our courier delivery. It is a door-to-door service and it takes 3 - 7 days to ship depending on the quantity of the goods.
The shipping costs depend on the destination and do not include all expenses relating to duty/charges/custom/brokerage fees or others.

Exclusive Design
For exclusive designs, extra charges can occur depending on the quantity of the Order

We aim to change fabrics working more towards biodegradable & sustainable fabrics that do not harm the environment.
For example Tencel, Modal, Ecovero, etc. 
Our efforts to optimize fabrics often result in changes in the styles & their pricing, this can be a reason why prices can change.

Archive Prints:
As Gado Gado holds over 600 print designs in various sizes & styles most of our prints are in the archive.
You are welcome to use these prints as well for a one-time archive print fee. The fees can vary due to the size of the screen.
Screens will be held for 12 months, if they are not reordered they go back into the archive.

Archive Styles:
As Gado Gado holds over 200 clothing designs many of our designs are in the archive & we hold only a physical sample.
You are welcome to use these Designs as well for a one-time fee of 15Euros per size - for us to cover the costs of making the Pattern.
If the styles are not reordered within 12 months by any customer they go back into the archive.


if you have any further questions please e-mail us at: office@gadogadovienna.net